Tin Earrings Chandelier
Tin Earrings Chandelier

Tin Earrings Chandelier

These beautiful earrings are created from vintage tins collected from all over the world. Each tin began life containing tea, biscuits or perhaps chocolate; then they have spent years in a cupboard, or possibly as a well-loved container for buttons or other treasures. 

Jen selects tins with lovely scenes or colourful patterns; she hand-cuts, files and sands them into shape. Each earring is sealed to protect its charm. Finallya sterling silver ear wire is attached. Every pair is different and unless another tin the same is found, quite possibly never to be repeated. 

Note: As most of the tins are vintage, they have lived a long and varied life, and, as such, there may be slight imperfections in some of the earrings, but this only adds to their charm. Each pair of earrings is unique and may be slightly different to those shown in the image.

Drop: 10.2cm


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