Shire Book: Gloves and Glove-making

Shire Book: Gloves and Glove-making

From workaday marigolds to hand-wear custom crafted for the Queen, gloves perform many functions – insulation from the cold, protection from injury, and even ceremonial roles. Gloves have been used since prehistoric times, but in Britain their use as formal and fashion items took off during Elizabeth I's reign, and played a surprisingly significant cultural role well into the nineteenth century. They were often given as precious gifts, used in coronation ceremonies, sent to indicate assent, or even to offer a formal challenge. This beautifully illustrated history, published in association with the Worshipful Company of Glovers of London, delves into the glove's place in history, offers detailed descriptions of their production in the artisanal workshop and on the factory floor, and also tells the fascinating story of the closely guarded privileges of the glove-makers' guilds.

Table of Contents

Gloves Speak Many Languages / The Glove-making Profession / Materials and Manufacture / Gloves in Fashion / Gloves in the Twenty-first Century / Further Reading / Places to Visit / Acknowledgements / Index
Author: Mike Redwood
Published: 2016
Soft cover
64 pages

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