Book: Revival Of The French Boudoir

Book: Revival Of The French Boudoir

Traditionally, the French boudoir, which reached its zenith in the eighteenth century, was a small space either attached to a woman's bedroom or created in a room nearby. Having this kind of personalised space - one designed exclusively for the lady of the house - was a luxury enjoyed by women of the aristocracy, including Madame de Pompadour and Marie Antoinette. The French boudoir was deemed an essential space where prominent women could go to retreat, rest, read, write, pursue hobbies, entertain close girlfriends, and enjoy personal thoughts in much-desired solitude. In today's fast-paced world, with seemingly endless demands, the pursuit of the ultimate sanctuary and the desire to create an exclusively feminine retreat is something few women dare to even dream of. Revival of the French Boudoir explores creating this kind of personalised space within the home, which embodies the feminine style of classical France, while simultaneously addressing the complexities of the modern-day woman. Interior designer, Sandra Traviati, gives step-by-step instructions as well as numerous practical tips and resources that will inspire you to easily replicate your very own boudoir conducive to nurturing and revitalising the soul. The end result is a breathtaking space of individualised beauty, tranquility, and seclusion ... French style.

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