Book: Return to Pretty - Traditional Style, Made Modern

In her first book, interior designer Caitlin Wilson is in pursuit of pretty as she embraces colorful patterns, timeless pieces, and functional beauty Return to Pretty: Traditional Style, Made Modern is interior designer Caitlin Wilson’s story as an emerging designer, mother, and entrepreneur. It is the story of how her own personal style has evolved to create the foundation for her design philosophy, her family home, and her eponymous design studio. With this book, Wilson shares her process of design and her ideas on how to make a home not just look beautiful, but also feel lovely, classic, and comfortable. Wilson is at the forefront of the Grandmillennial revival, a new take on the classic, traditional style that focuses on warmth, floral prints, and old-fashioned elegance. This style is becoming increasingly popular for many young designers and millennials. With an emphasis on fashion and family, and centered around the importance of home, her approach to creating pretty spaces is all about being effortless and refined, and designing a home that is easy to maintain and offers a sense of luxurious livability. The chapters throughout feature stunning photographs, a pastel color palette, vivid prints, personal anecdotes, and design tips. Wilson’s twists on tradition will inspire, uplift, and connect readers to something greater than the present–allowing for a movement and style that’s feminine and sophisticated, and ultimately a return to pretty!

Pages: 256

Author: Caitlin Wilson


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