Book: May Morris Arts & Crafts Designer

Book: May Morris Arts & Crafts Designer

Long overshadowed by her famous father, to whom her work was often attributed then and since, May Morris contributed to the enduring popularity of Morris designs. May was one of the leading pioneers of 'art embroidery' and helped raise its status from an amateur pastime to a serious pursuit, requiring skills in design, colouring and technique. She disseminated her ideas through publications, lectures and by teaching at many of the leading art schools, influencing a generation of students in London, Birmingham and Manchester. This book, and accompanying exhibition at the William Morris Gallery, Walthamstow, covers the full range of May Morris's, work, from watercolours and designs to exquisite embroideries, book covers, costume and jewellery. It offers new insights into May's personal life and relationships, her social activism and her efforts to support other professional women who sought to make a living as artists and designers.

Author : Anna Mason, Jan Marsh, Jenny Lister and Rowan Bain

Publisher : Thames and Hudson Ltd

Publish Date : Oct 2017

Page : 224

Format : BB - Hardback

Dimensions : 21 x 28.7cm 


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