Book: Books Make a Home

Book: Books Make a Home

Books Make a Home explores the important role books play as decorative as well as functional items.

Bibliophile Damian Thompson tours the rooms of the home in turn – Living Rooms, Home Libraries & Studies, Kitchens, Bedrooms & Bathrooms, Corridors & Staircases and Children’s Rooms – discovering a host of techniques for stacking, shelving and closeting volumes, and a wealth of practical design solutions for each space and every size of collection. You will learn how to make the best use of existing storage and create new space for an ever-growing collection; how to combine books with other personal effects to create eye-catching displays; and how to organize and care for your books.

Books Make a Home is an insightful guide to enjoying books with the eye as well as with the mind.

About the Author: Damian Thompson is Books Editor and Chief Sub-editor of The World of Interiors, having previously worked in book publishing. He lives with his family in London.

192 pages


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