Book: A Christmas at The Johnston Collection

Book: A Christmas at The Johnston Collection

Christmas at The Johnston Collection features highlights of craftwork, and the collection objects that inspired them, from Christmas exhibitions curated by Nina Stanton from 2003 to 2008. This book is a tribute to the work of the many hundreds of people who have worked on the various shows, whose dedication and hours of work have brought The Johnston Collection alive in a whole new way for our visitors, who in turn have been introduced to so many different crafts.

There is a long tradition of decorating Fairhall, the residence of the late William Robert Johnston, for Christmas. 

In 2003, Director/Curator Nina Stanton invited six craft groups to decorate the house. The brief was that each decoration should be inspired by the line, form, colour or decoration in The Johnston Collection. Nina always felt it would be more relevant if the decorations were linked to the decorative arts because it encouraged visitors to look not only at the decorations but also more closely at the paintings, furniture, ceramics, clocks and objets d'art in The Johnston Collection.

Format Paperback 

Publisher The WR Johnston Trust 

Published 2008 

Pages 48 

ISBN 978-0-9805720-0-1 


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