Shire Book: Domestic Ducks & Geese

Shire Book: Domestic Ducks & Geese

The keeping of geese and ducks by people as a source of food dates back much earlier, perhaps as far as the first human settlements, when an uneasy relationship between man and Mallard may have arisen. Today's pure breeds of domestic ducks and geese have been evolving ever since, and indeed all modern domestic duck breeds descend from the Mallard, except the Muscovy (which came from South American, not Russia). In this book Fred Hams describes and illustrates most of the domestic breeds that can be seen in Britain today, including Aylesbury, Pekin, Rouen, Indian Runner, Khaki Campbell and Call ducks, Embden, Toulouse, Brecon Buff, Pilgrim and Chinese geese.

40 pages

Soft cover

4.7cm x 8.2cm x 0.2cm


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