Shire Book: Bottles and Bottle Collecting

Shire Book: Bottles and Bottle Collecting

Bottles and Bottle Collecting (Shire Library)

As more and more people feel the urge to possess objects of age or beauty, so the prices of antiques soar beyond the pockets of many people. Bottles, however, have remained comparatively inexpensive. In Victorian times, our forebears packed everything from tea to hair restorer in glass bottles, and they discarded them with their household refuse. In dumps all over Britain, these bottles are waiting to be dug up, each non-machine-made bottle a collector's item. This book describes the development of bottles of all sorts and illustrates over two hundred examples.


About the Author

Nigel Harvey read history at Exeter College, Oxford, worked on a farm and later on a reclamation scheme, where, thanks to a consignment of heavy Lease-Lend tractors, he became one of the first men ever to plough one acre of British soil in one hour. He trained as a land agent and spent thirty years on the staff first of the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, then of the Agricultural Research Council, retiring in 1976. He wrote various books on farming and on farming history. He was the Chairman of the Historic Farm Buildings Group and Honorary Librarian of the Royal Agricultural Society of England.


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