Shire Book: European Orders and Decorations to 1945

Shire Book: European Orders and Decorations to 1945

Since the early Middle Ages, the Royal and princely families of Europe have conferred a wide range of Orders of Knighthood and Chivalry both to reward loyal service to the Crown or Royal Family and to strengthen the bonds of loyalty which existed between sovereign and subject. Although many ancient Orders have fallen into disuse over time, many European states continue to award Orders for distinguished service.

Badges of the highest quality are worn to show membership of an Order. The manufacture, and the materials used in creating these badges are exquisite and these decorative objects are studied and collected widely. In this volume, expert medal collector Peter Duckers describes the range of European Orders conferred before 1945, some of which stretch back hundreds of years. A brief introduction to a fascinating subject, this is an ideal reference book for anyone interested in collecting these rare and valuable objects.


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