Book: French House Chic
Book: French House Chic

Book: French House Chic

French House Chic is a glimpse inside the most private of French residences: from supremely elegant Parisian apartments to lavishly upholstered sitting rooms in French country estates. From le salon to la salle de bain and every room in between, here is visual inspiration to achieve the most French look in any space. Or just to be momentarily immersed in all that Gallic flair.

This is Jane’s very personal story of a lifetime of cultivating an eye for style and bringing it to life in the home – a style that can be emulated with just some simple guidance. It is a book for rethinking: one that will make you want to rearrange your copper saucepans, reupholster your sofa, or book the next flight to Paris. A consuming passion for all things French led Australian-born Jane Webster to a life between two countries and cultures. Jane, her husband Peter, and their four children holidayed regularly in France, then in 2004 purchased Chateau Bosgouet in Normandy. It is from here that she operates her culinary and lifestyle experiences, and chronicles the French lifestyle.


 JANE WEBSTER is the author of At My French Table (2014), French Ties (2012), French House Chic (2018) Chateau Life by Assouline (2018).  She spends six months in France each year where she runs cooking classes and food and wine tours. Webster runs The French Table from her magnificent home, the Château Bosgouet in Normandy. She spends six months in France each year where she organizes cultural tours and cooking classes throughout the region.

Published: 2018 

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