Door Stopper (Thurlby): Scented Door Mouse-Indigo

Door Stopper (Thurlby): Scented Door Mouse-Indigo

Fragrant Indigo printed Door Stopper. Contains clove buds, chips of sandalwood and rosemary leaf.
On Thurlby Herb Farm, things are a little more simple… This idyllic farm is nestled in the countryside south of Perth and, at its beginning, produced jams and soaps on a single wood fire.

From these small beginnings, Thurlby grew to export its goods as far away as Singapore, Tokyo and Switzerland. But despite its worldwide reputation, Thurlby Herb Farm continues to craft its own beautiful herbal produce, hiring locals in the quiet, remote Walpol area to create a huge range of products that smell too good to resist. Why wouldn't you want to try something made in a place so tranquil?

Stop slamming doors in their tracks with this Scented Door Mouse. Filled with clove buds, sandalwood chips and rosemary leaf, this incredibly-fragrant door stopper boasts a playful mouse design, complete with facial detailing, floppyears and a small tail.

Gentle on skin and kind to the environment; support an entire community of local Australians when you shop Thurlby’s natural handmade skincare and aromatic homewares.    

  • You will receive 1 Door Stopper (Thurlby): Scented Door Mouse - Patterns vary
  • Fabric pattern may vary from online image

  • Indigo print fabric is made Fair Trade in India using traditional techniques

  • Dimension approximately 24cm x 11cm x 13cm

  • Made in Australia


weight: 0.820kg


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