Ceramic Buttons: Robin
Ceramic Buttons: Robin

Ceramic Buttons: Robin

Sold individually. 
After a design from The Warner Archive.
Suitable for any sewing or knitting project as well as craft projects of all sorts including patchwork, quilting, bags, hats and much more. Ideal embellishments for a favourite cardigan, coat or jacket.

Ideal for card making,/wedding favours and button bouquets, these buttons are lightweight washable (see washing instructions below) and surprisingly robust. Something beautiful to add to any button collection.
Materials: ceramic

Diameter: 25mm

Handmade in Cornwall, UK.

*Due to the handmade nature of our products there may be some small variations with each item. This makes each handmade item completely unique!

**When washing garments, please turn them inside out or place inside a pillow case to protect the buttons from chipping or breaking. For dry cleaning please cover each button securely with aluminium baking foil to protect from chipping.



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