Card Set (Wallet): Tulips- Jacob Marrel

Card Set (Wallet): Tulips- Jacob Marrel

A handwritten card with an appropriate illustration does so much more than a quick email. That is why Bekking & Blitz card folders are so popular. Lots of choice for every occasion!

Ten double cards (5 x 2 different motifs) with 10 white envelopes, neatly stored in an attractive card folder. The different motifs are depicted on the back of the folder. This way you will quickly find the card you need. The insides of the duplicate cards are blank. So plenty of room for your personal message. 

Jacob Marrel (Frankenthal, 1614 Frankfurt am Main, buried November 11, 1681) was a German painter, who worked in the Netherlands. He painted flower and fruit still lifes in a botanical style, among other things.

Tulips, Jacob Marrel, Collection Rijksmuseum Amsterdam

  • Bekking & Blitz Wallet Normal -  (MCW183)

  • 10.3 x 15.4 x 1.5 cm

  • Set of 10 double cards with envelopes

  • 5 x 2 motifs

  • 240gsm off white paper

  • Total weight 100 grams


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