Calendar :  Christmas - Lantern - Village - Advent Calendar

Calendar : Christmas - Lantern - Village - Advent Calendar

3D Paper Lantern -German Advent Calendar

This unique German advent calendar folds out to a free standing advent lantern in which a light can be placed to make the windows glow as you open them during the advent season.  The lantern is decorated with town and winter forest scenes.

The charming drawings of town & winter forest scenes was originally illustrated in 1968 by Gudrun Keussen.

The detailed picture has 24 little doors to open. Each door has a little picture behind it. The tradition is to open one door each day from December 1 thru December 24. Children love to open a door a day as they count down to Christmas.

Does Not come with candy or chocolate

This advent calendar hasglitter accents, is printed on the outside (beige on the inside) and folds out to a free standing lantern shape.  Contour cut.

LED light recommended, NOT included

Dimensions: approx. 22 cm tall x 13 cm wide on each side (unfolded - setup), approx. 28 tall by 27 wide (flat - unfolded)

Crafted in Germany.  Illustration by Gudrun Keussen in 1968.

Tradition of the Advent Calendar
The tradition of the advent calendar dates back to 1851 in the Protestant parts of Germany. The first advent calendar with little doors was printed in the early 1900's and continues today.


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