Book: European Fans

Book: European Fans

Throughout their history, hand fans were used not only as tools for everyday life but also as status symbols, religious ritual artifacts, fashion items, and even devices for discreet communication. The richness of symbolic and aesthetic aspects of fans is that of sophisticated and comprehensive artworks. European Fans explores the thematic, stylistic, as well as production aspects, of 60 carefully selected European 18th to 20th century fans from Eurus Collection. Along with its beautiful fan illustrations, the book invites the reader to discover their untold stories. Eurus Collection, under the direction of Hahn Eura Eunkyung, is a sister institution of Hwajeong Museum in Seoul. With more than one thousand fans from all over the world, Eurus Collection is the largest of its kind in Asia. By engaging in various research, exhibition, and publication projects, the collection strives to raise public awareness of the value of fans.


AUTHOR: Hahn Eura Eunkyung, the lead author, is the founder and the director of Eurus Collection. Most of Eurus Collection artifacts were collected by her late father, Dr.h.c. Hahn Kwang-ho CBE who was one of the key contributors to the establishment of The Korea Foundation Gallery at the British Museum. Director Hahn's research interests are in the field of conservation studies and the history of cultural artifacts. She continues to carry on her father's passion for the arts by curating exhibitions and publications.


Showcasing more than 60 carefully selected fans from a collection of over 1000, the largest collection of its kind in Asia . This first of several upcoming volumes focuses on fans from Europe in the 18th-20th Centuries 172 colour illustrations




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