Book: Behind Every Great Woman is a Great Cat

Book: Behind Every Great Woman is a Great Cat

Showcasing over 30 inspirational women, including Florence Nightingale (the founder of modern nursing), Georgia O'Keeffe (the artist and mother of American modernism) and Rosa Luxemburg (the theorist and revolutionist), who all have one thing in common - their affection towards cats.

The uplifting stories of cat-loving women - ranging from artists, pioneers, writers and humanitarians - who dared to change and inspire the world are paired with Lulu Mayo's quirky illustrations.

Also featuring tips for how to act like your cat, quotes from famous women who loved their moggies, and more.

The book celebrates the cat as muse, companion, colleague and emotional support as it explodes the myth of a 'cat lady'.


96 pages

Dimensions: 18cm x 23cm x 1.45cm


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