Book: 111 Shops in London That You Shouldn't Miss

Book: 111 Shops in London That You Shouldn't Miss

Some people think London is a metropolis that is constantly reinventing itself - but in reality, it's a whole planet in itself. Right under its surface, and nonetheless well-hidden, the true heart of London is beating: individual little shops offering everything special - from cuff links and vests to ancient fireplaces and sinks, books of artists, old lamps, ukuleles, magicians tricks and accessories, stuffed animals, choice wine and paper - here, the connoisseur and browser will find whatever the heart desires. Can you buy fairies, or buttonholes, equipment for Freemasons, old tools, or theatres made out of paper? All this and so much more is no problem in this cosmos of eccentricities, in London's craziest and most tantalising shops. An indispensable guide for everyone out for a stroll, and for enjoyment!

Kirstin von Glasow graduated in German Studies, Philosophy and Art History in Cologne. She worked as a freelance editor for the publisher DuMont Buchverlag and later moved to London, where she still lives, writing screenplays, making short films and organising exhibitions.

115 images
Format: Paperback
Pages: 240
Dimension: 205mm X 135mm

Published: 2016


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