Card (Keyhole Collection): Knots

Card (Keyhole Collection): Knots

Knots no.045
card from The Book of Knots. Tom Bowling, London, 1899.
The National Library of Scotland, Special Collections: ABS.2.87.6

* The book of knots, being a complete treatise on the art of cordage. Illustrated by 172 diagrams showing the manner of making every knot and splice.


Keyhole Collection cards bring art and history together in hand-crafted letterpress greetings cards which are bold and beautiful, thought-provoking and tactile. Every card gives a new lease of life to images that have been tucked away in archives, museums, library’s and special collections. They show images that may be of small or great importance. Images that give a glimpse of the past with a quirky, contemporary edge.



The National Library of Scotland on George IV Bridge in Edinburgh contains a fascinating holding of books, manuscripts and archives. The Library’s Special Collections are particularly eclectic, ranging from witchcraft to the French Revolution, from beekeeping to Esperanto and from the Reformation to cookbooks. Rare books include Stirling’s ‘Annals of the Artists of Spain’ the first illustrated art history and Fox Talbot’s ‘Sun Pictures in Scotland’. With over one million books to consult all you need is a library card and time to delve history. 

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